How to prevent elastic fabric losing resilience in rinsing

In the washing and dyeing process, once the elastic loss caused by spandex degradation occurs, it is basically impossible to repair, so it is necessary to do a good job of pre-production samples to ensure that there will be no quality problems in large-scale production. According to the physical and chemical properties of polyurethane fiber, elastic denim products containing spandex cause elastic loss in the washing process, mainly due to improper formulation or operation, resulting in spandex fracture, dissolution and so on.
In the process of bleaching, because the spandex is not resistant to chlorine bleaching agent, the fiber will be damaged by the combination of nitrogen and chlorine in hypochlorite solution, and the damage of polyether spandex is more serious. When rinsing, the water temperature in the cylinder is too high or the time is too long, spandex will be degraded, resulting in fabric loss of elasticity.

So how to avoid losing the bullet in the rinsing process?

(1) do a good job in pre-production testing
(2) bleaching water in production must be mixed before it can be injected into the cylinder, and direct feeding is prohibited.
(3) bleaching water must be added under the condition of equipment rotation to prevent bullet loss caused by excessive local concentration.
(4) when the residue of bleaching water is dried at high temperature, the release of chlorine leads to the degradation of spandex, so pay attention to the cleaning work after bleaching.
(5) strengthen the management of online staff, monitor the production status, and prevent the processing temperature or time from exceeding the process requirements, thus causing quality problems.

When the risk of missing bullets is so high, many people will ask, is there a better solution for rinsing and preventing missing bullets? The answer is yes. The use of cold bleaching enzyme can reduce the risk of fabric loss, because the cold bleaching enzyme only bleaches the starch blue color and does no damage to other fibers, so it is very suitable for the bleaching of vulnerable fabrics.